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New Book on Baldrige

The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Program has recently published a new book entitled Baldrige 20/20: An Executive’s Guide to the Criteria for Performance Excellence. The book can be downloaded as a pdf for free from the Baldrige website or a hard copy can be purchased for $13 from ASQ Press.

Contents of the book
Foreword by Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Arbuckle Professor, Harvard Business School; Chair and Director, Harvard University Advanced Leadership Initiative
Foreword by Gregory R. Page, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Cargill, Inc.
Letter from Harry S. Hertz, Director, Baldrige Performance Excellence Program
Representative Role Models and Data
The Case for Baldrige: Model of Excellence in Manufacturing
The Case for Baldrige: A Service Company's Success Story
The Case for Baldrige: Benefits for a Small Business
The Case for Baldrige: A Health Care Role Model
The Case for Baldrige: Role Models in Education
The Case for Baldrige: Successes in the Nonprofit Sector
Award Winners' Journeys: How Baldrige Led Them to Excellence
The Criteria: Framework for Performance Excellence
Ethics and Sustainability: The Foundation for Role-Model Results
How Can the Baldrige Program Help You Now?
Appendix: Examples by Criteria Category

Productivity and Work-Life Balance

Brian Lassiter, President of the Minnesota Council for Quality, recently posted a very thought-provoking article about work-life balance and its impact on productivity. The results may be surprising for some. American workers work longer and harder than workers in most other countries. American workers also suffer from greater levels of stress and are more likely to become disabled than workers in many other countries. Click here to read the entire article.

Lessons from The Donald — Why Trump is Bad for Business

Quality Digest ran an article by Mike Mickelwright in the May 10th issue entitled “Why Trump Is Bad For Business” which I think is well worth reading. Mickelwright looks at the Apprentice from the perspective of a quality professional.

He writes, “What is so wrong about the message that Trump sends to naive, young, and impressionable American managers? That it’s OK to drive fear into the organization and have employees compete against each other, not just between two teams (or departments), but within teams (departments). This is the equivalent of the head of an organization telling those within a department that the most talented employees will retain their jobs and the others will be fired.

Forget about the outside competition. Forget about the customers. Forget about teamwork and working together to try to overcome the department’s or team’s shortfalls. It’s all about internal competition within the department or team. The main concern on everyone’s minds is not to screw up and ensure that if someone else screws up, don’t help that person, and in fact, pronounce their failure.”

Get the full article here.

Time to Refocus on Baldrige?

A recent article in Industry Week suggests that perhaps it’s time for American manufacturers to refocus on the Baldrige Award. The article chronicles some of the recent quality missteps at Johnson & Johnson, Toyota and GlaxoSmithKline and how it has cost them financially and how it has damaged their reputations.

The article, written by Andy Tannen of the MSL Group, concludes, “Maybe it's time for U.S. companies again to pay more attention to the Baldrige Award. It's unlikely the award ceremony will ever end up on national TV here, but it would be valuable if the media gave the program more recognition. Meeting the program's precision standards can help make the U.S. more competitive. I bet the person in charge of quality at Toyota, Johnson & Johnson and GSK would agree.”

Click here to read the full article.

Midway USA Baldrige Video

Last fall, I had the opportunity to hear Larry Potterfield, CEO of Midway USA, talk about his organization’s journey to Baldrige. They received the Award in 2009. He is a passionate advocate the Baldrige management system.

To view the video, click here.
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